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Step 1: job analysis

Objective: to understand the specific requirements of the position and the environment of the position:

1, in-depth discussions with customers to fully understand the customer management style, working environment, business strategy;

2, determine the job responsibilities and requirements for the candidates;

3, determine the professional search team and held a meeting to discuss in detail to determine the scope of the search.

The second step: search strategy formulation and operation

Objective: to establish a variety of search methods to carry out the actual search steps:

1, through the company more than 1 million senior talent pool to find candidates;

2, through the publication of in the name of the company to hide customer advertising;

3, through the mainstream recruitment website search for quality candidates;

4, through a variety of high-end communities and SNS network to search for relevant information;

5, make full use of the consulting team of industry contacts;

6, pay attention to the company's competitors and major media related workplace changes;

7, other mining methods to find qualified candidates.

The third step: candidate information analysis

Objective: to establish a formal interviewer by analyzing, screening and interviewing candidates:

1, generally introduced the basic situation of the company position (according to the company, to confirm whether the dormant).

2, to determine their current status, interest in the post and the possibility of a new job.

3, a detailed understanding of the candidate's work profile, the responsibility is basically consistent with the search for jobs.

The fourth step: professional interview and recommend

Objective: to submit the interview report of qualified candidates; the professional HR consultant:

1, for individual job requirements, candidates in the skills, knowledge and personality and make the appropriate assessment.

2, in-depth understanding of the candidate's work experience, responsibilities, as well as the requirements of the new work (including the nature of the company, functions, and compensation, etc.)