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The value of the company was founded in 1997, specializing in the research and development of portal technology, the portal content management system "as the core products, formed five series of products for the government, enterprises and the media industry not of different size and different application and targeted solutions, is the most influential websites in China Technology provider. Tahan network is the first batch of national Ministry of national software enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Nanjing city and key software enterprise, headquartered in Nanjing, with branches and offices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Ji'nan and other places.

At the same time, the network with superior technical strength, was named one of the Chinese e-government IT100 enterprises, become the E-government center designated by the national government procurement suppliers. The company has a number of independent copyright software products in the "portal content management", "website cluster management", "online interactive platform" in the field of outstanding achievements. "Hanweb Bantong" has become the industry's most famous and most influential brand. "Hanweb Bantong system" and "content management hanweb Bantong JCMS website group management system" was awarded the "National Software Industry Association recommended products" title; and repeatedly won the provincial and municipal outstanding software title, users throughout the 25 provinces Chinese, a successful case and more than and 800 government ministries Bureau portal, known "the government portal website content management expert".

At the same time, we constantly innovate and breakthrough in technology and application, based on the "hanweb Bantong content management system" of the "government portal group construction and integration plan" was named "Chinese e-government 200 best solutions" scheme is put forward for the first time, the EBS bus and distributed deployment middleware, heterogeneous government information portal cluster solutions based on breaking the distribution in different physical locations, completely heterogeneous portal (Group) the technical bottleneck of the information sharing and to the portal will bring new technology clusters containing highly.

In the process of rapid growth, the network established a market action system and customer protection mechanism, forming technology and service system based on software product development, consulting and planning services, to provide large-scale industry application solutions combined, will be located in the portal of information integration, application integration, unified user and search services, comprehensive upgrade the portal site in the application of information technology in the industry status. "Innovation, new technology into productive forces" is the core competitiveness of Tahan network. With a deep understanding of the software and Internet industry, Tahan network technology and Internet application software combined with the first industry product concept and general product development experience combined, providing a simple and convenient, safe and practical application of collaborative software products and solutions for customers, to help customers realize the goal of low cost and low informatization the risk, high efficiency and fast start. Tahan network proposed "hanweb Bantong government portal website content management system and solutions", "hanweb Bantong enterprise portal website content management system and solutions.